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What is Luxating patella?

Luxating patella or also commonly known as Ā»Floating KneecapĀ« is a condition when the patella
dislocates out of it’s normal position. The patella, or a kneecap, helps the quadriceps muscles flow
across the knee joint and hold it in the proper locaiton between the thigh and lower leg, so your
dog has the right mobility and use of it’s shin.

The proper movement of the kneecap is up and down in a groove. This is guaranteed by patella
ridges, which hold the kneecap in place. As long as they are deep enough, the kneecap can only
move in the up and down direction. But unfortunately some dog breeds have already congential
very flat patella ridges. This implies that their kneecap fits incorrectly into the groove and it can
dislocates either medialy, to the inside, or laterally, to tje outside. Patellar luxation is a common
condition particularly in small and miniature dog breeds. Typically smaller dogs kneecaps pops
medialy, while larger dogs kneecaps tend to pop to the outside. The condition usually becomes
apparent between the ages of 4 to 6 months, when the dog is rapidly developing and growing.

How do we know that our dog has a problem with luxating patella?

Normaly dogs with a problem with luxating patella initially appear to be entirely healthy and
normal. They have no history of traumatic leg injures and are very active. Then they out of a
sudden show signs of pain in one of their legs, holding it off the gorund and might be yelping or
crying. Just as suddenly they lower the leg and start walking and running around like nothing

What occurred in the meantime, was that the dogs kneecap dislocated of it’s place, stopping him
while running and causing him hold his leg up as the reaction of the dislocation and the pain. Then
his kneecap returned to its proper position, he was able to put his leg back down and continue
walking or running.
This is the most typical and common description of what happens with the condition known as
luxating patella.

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